A Quick Guide

Quick Guide to the Texas Blaster

1. The Texas Blaster is a 1.5 cubic foot blaster. It happens to hold 150 lbs of blast sand. Different media weigh different amounts.

2. The Texas Blaster will blast ANY media. Sand, soda, oxides, corn, pecan, slag, steel shot, and many more.

3. Blasters do not require a certain amount of AIR. Nozzle size requires AIR of different VOLUME. The Texas Blaster offers four different size nozzles, so it will require four different amounts of air volume. (CFM)

4. We only build one size blaster. We do not care to build a bigger one. Old Pap said, "You don't need a bigger one, son; Just fill this one up more often. It'll do as good a job as any of the big boys will on their best day."

5. This blaster was designed to blast the toughest stuff in the world - so be assured - it will blast your job easily. The Texas Blaster is not job specific. The TexasBlaster will do any job when you attach a big enough nozzle and have adequate CFM of air volume NOT pressure!

6. We no longer sell thru retail stores. We no longer have salesmen to take your order. We sell direct via the internet. We keep our price low to stay competitive and still manufacture a quality product.