Texas Blaster Story

It began in the West Texas oil fields back in 1963. We needed a portable blaster to sandblast drilling rigs and work-over rigs and heavy oil field equipment. There was not anything like it at the time.

We realized how it had to be built to make it function as an industrial blaster.

We’ve improved it over the years, but basically it’s still the same blaster that we originally built - only tougher, stronger and much more capable than the original model of 1964.

The steel is rolled and welded in Arkansas. The tank heads come out of Dallas and the pipe parts come out of Florida. Blaster accessories are all heavy grade and durable.

We are a family that takes pride in the product that we build and the service we offer after the sale.

Our business model is a bit different in that we do not employ salesmen or reps. For 38 years we sold over the phone and shipped blasters via LTL Freight to resellers.  Now we strictly sell over the internet and ship via FedEx Ground.  This transition means we are old blaster tanks makers marketing our products in new way via “E-Commerce Business”.

We have always provided the best value in a quality blaster and are proud to say Texas Blasters are “Made in the USA.”

Our Customer Service is unmatched. Know that we are here to help you if you need technical assistance.