The most common question folks want to ask is, "Will this blaster do my job?"
Blasters are certainly "capable" of doing different work depending on their manufacture, but a basic "Industrial Grade" blaster is not a job-specific tool. In other words the Texas Blaster can do many different jobs. All you do is change the amount of air volume so that you can change the nozzle size and you are in another world of production capability.

Can I change the nozzle sizes on the ULTIMATE RIG?
No. It comes pre-packaged and from the warehouse ready to ship. We do not have the ability to mix and match nozzles. It comes like it comes.

Is there a return policy?
After 55 years we know what we build and we know it works. If you use it then it's a used tool and we don't sell used tools. No returns after you've used it. But send it back if it's still new, in the unopened box and we will credit your account. Please contact us before sending it back so we can confirm our shipping address.

Do you offer help if I can't get my blaster up and running?
Yep. Absolutely. In fact, we offer the best in the business technical help if you are having trouble getting a Texas Blaster working properly. Since we use them also, we know what they will do and how to do it.

Do you sell blast media?
Nope. We just make Texas Blasters and focus on building a really good tool. One that will blast any media you can think of. Pappy said he's blasted everything from cow patties to shot-gun shot.

How much media does it hold?
150 lbs if you use blast sand as the weight measurement.

Can I pick up a blaster from your dock to save shipping?

Do you ship to Canada or Mexico?
No.  We only ship within the Continental U.S.  We will gladly ship to your freight forwarding company, however.

My order was declined! What's wrong with your website?

Fraudulent credit card transaction cost everyone. To protect you, the customer, and us, the merchant; we have set our credit card security levels to the highest standards. This means the complete billing and shipping address must exactly match the addresses your credit card company has on file. Your credit card company will gladly assist you in setting up a separate shipping address if you require one.