Howdy and welcome to Texas Blaster.

Please READ this home page before you call. Note the items at the bottom of the page including RESOURCES and REVIEWS. 

We manufacture a 150 pound sandblaster in Rockport, Texas.  This is the same as saying 1.5 cubic feet of sand. Different blast media weighs different so consider that when you are choosing a media.

We only build ONE sandblaster.  We rig it up TWO DIFFERENT ways to best suit different applications.

Thus we sell two different models. Same blaster - two different set ups.

We provide the accessories for your blaster and when you receive your Texas Blaster you’re ready to go to work.

We offer the BASIC RIG and the ULTIMATE RIG.That’s it. They are the same blaster but each comes with a defined set of accessories. Study those differences and you’ll determine which rig is best for you.

We have been manufacturing the Texas Blaster since 1964.That’s fifty plus years to perfect how it works.Now let me tell you about what it does.

It is used to clean EVERY imaginable surface. From hardened steel, to soft wood, to sheet metal to soft aluminum, from log homes to swimming pool tile, from engraving the date of death on your tombstone, brick, cement, iron, wood, fiberglass, ceramic, stucco, CMU’s, glass, limestone, marble, granite, brass, copper and it will make that old restoration project be just like new whether it’s a tractor, car or a boat.

We use the blaster everyday in the oilfield blasting pump jacks, and offshore drilling platforms and industrial equipment of every description. Will it blast your project? Think about it. Is it harder then blasting a drilling rig? SANDBLASTERS that are built to industrial are NOT JOB SPECIFIC. The tools and accessories you attach to them define what they will do.

Here’s an amazing fact. It will blast every known type of media out there. From soda to steel shot.Pappy used to say two things about this blaster - - “It’ll blast anything from cow patties to shotgun shot.”and he’d say,“ You don’t need a bigger blaster, just fill that one up more often.”

We use it to blast with soda, ground nuts, glass, plastic beads, steel shot, aluminum oxide, shell and it will even blast sand.

Write this down: THE BLASTER DOES NOT REQUIRE A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF AIR TO WORK.THAT’S UP TO WHICH NOZZLE YOU CHOOSE. NOZZLES REQUIRE AIR, NOT THE BLASTER. See the compressor / nozzle match down at the bottom and click on that.

Your air compressor’s CFM must be sufficient to maintain at least 80 lbs of pressure to blast steel surfaces with the size nozzle you choose. Small nozzles require small air - big nozzles require big air.Available compressor horse power is the key.

We offer four different size nozzles that are typically used with this size blaster.The Ultimate Rig comes with all of them. The basic rig does not come with a nozzle.Order which size nozzle you need separately when you select a Basic Rig.

Because we no longer sell through retail outlets - we are able to keep our price competitive thanks to the internet.Know that your credit card is secure. We use the best encryption services in the business to make sure of that, so order right here and know you’re buying the best and know that the quality, value and the customer service you need is right here too.

So what’s the take away? We are a fifty PLUS year-old family company that offers quality, value and great customer service.

But please don’t take my word for it. Down at the bottom is a link for CUSTOMER REVIEWS. See what other folks say about our blaster.

We know the more you research and compare the more certain we are we’ll have a new customer - and you’ll own the best VALUE in a sandblaster that you can buy.

Thanks from Texas Blaster!

Jessica Lindig, Owner